We had a house with a wood exterior that needed painting. That was a lot of upkeep. I had a neighbor that had steel siding. He said it would make noise as it expanded and contracted. He said that maybe the contractor pounded in the nails all the way and that does not allow it to move causing it to make noise. That made me a little leery about siding. However, when we moved into our new house that has vinyl siding, I really started liking siding. It is so very easy to take care of. I just hose off any buildup of grime. Oh, and it does not make any noise when it gets hot or cold.

The thing I really like about vinyl siding is that it stays looking new. Nothing changes about it. The color goes all the way through, so nicks or even gouges do not hardly show. You could have some pretty beat up vinyl and it would still look good from the street. The top thing I like about it is that I do not have to paint it. I do not like to paint. I would prefer to spend the time fishing. As the years have gone by, I prefer to get things for our home that require very little maintenance. Our barbecue grill requires much more maintenance than the vinyl siding on our house does.

I would not even bother cleaning it except that we live close to a railway that transports coal in open cars. The dust gets on everything including the siding. The nice thing is that it just sprays off pretty easy with a hose. No pressure washing is needed. I would choose it for any house we moved into. It looks good new and keeps on looking good as the years go by.