We built a new deck about 10 years ago. It was made out of treated wood for the framing and the deck surface. The surface was made of what they call five-quarter decking wood. It is the treated planks with the rounded edges you see on most wood decks. That stuff sucks up the sealant like a sponge every year. It is very expensive for a five-gallon bucket of wood preservative, and I use about six or seven gallons a year on it. We decided to resurface after seeing a composite decking sale. The framing is protected from the sun, and it looks brand new. The old wood deck, even though I seal it every year, has cracks, splits and nail heads popping up. Composite decking does not have those problems.

I know that some people complain that composite decking is hot in the bright sun. Well, you are not walking barefoot on a wood deck in the hot sun either! Composite decking used on decks around here looks brand new years later. Even surfaces that are not very well cared for look great. The coloring goes all the way through, so cleaning it does not cause problems. Plus, I always had a hard time getting the wood preservative with stain to evenly color my wood deck. Since I do not have to treat composite decking, it will not look funny anymore.

The big plus for me is no cracks, splits, splinters or rough spots. I think more people notice heat with composite decking because they will actually venture out on it in bare feet. Most people would never do that on an old wood deck because of the fear of splinters and cuts from the splits and cracks in the wood. Go take a look at a neighbor’s old wood deck and another one made of composite decking that is old. You will see just how good the composite decking keeps on looking.