I was really happy to get the news that I finally got the promotion that I had worked so hard to get. The only negative thing about it was that everything was happening so fast with it because of the unexpected death of one of the executives. Because of this, there was barely any time for me to look for a new apartment 100 miles from where I was living. I was not going to let that stop me from succeeding though. I did a quick search online for end of lease cleaning because I knew that my time had to be spent finding a new home rather than cleaning my last one.

I was not really so much worried about claiming the bond that was due me if everything was in tip top shape. I knew that I would get that back regardless because everything was in good order. However, I am not the type to just leave without giving it a good clean, and I simply did not have the time for that. I needed to find a cleaning company that would be able to clean my entire apartment and leave it better than even I would have, which is really saying a lot.

I did take a few minutes to research the various cleaning companies that do this. I am not the type of person to just pick the first one that I see, because they may not be the best one available. The company that I chose has excellent reviews from the people I talked with, and everything was spelled out with precision on their website. There were no hidden fees, as they want you to know exactly what you are getting into from the beginning. I appreciate straight forward and honest companies like this, especially after I saw the fantastic job they did!