My dryer has been used for many years and I’ve never had any problems with it. That is, until my kids got to it. I’ve told them many times not to mess with things around the house. This time, they put a water balloon inside the dryer to see if it would cause the water to boil. The balloon popped and the water seeped into the machine. The balloon itself melted and got into various crevices. The dryer stopped working and when I saw that they had done, I screamed. I called for appliance repair in Sacramento, and went outside to calm down while my wife handled the kids.

The kids had really screwed up this time and I was ready to blow a gasket. I had no idea how to punish them for putting the balloon in the dryer. I’ve punished them before for doing things, but I don’t think these punishments really have any effect, because they keep acting up anyway. Some would say it’s just kids being kids, but there is a limit to how much they can do without any repercussions. I’ve tried taking their toys and games away, but that stopped working. I tried cutting off their Internet access, but they learned how to wait it out.

My wife came up with a good punishment for the kids. Once the repair man was done fixing the dryer, the kids had to do all of the laundry in the house for two months. If they messed up anything or broke anything during this time period, their laundry duties would be extended by a month for each indictment. Since my kids don’t even like to do their own laundry, this punishment was a complete torture for them. They didn’t do anything else during their laundry sentence, and now they listen when I tell them not to do something.