Renewable Solar Energy

A solar cell or panel is coated with a semiconductor material, that converts light into a current or voltage which can be harnessed to use as electricity. This organic material can also be obtained from animals and micro-organisms. As the source is moving water, it is obvious that the power plants are located near the water bodies natural waterfalls or man-made dams. Wind turbines or windmills are installed, especially at the higher elevated areas, and in a particular orientation to harvest maximum wind energy. However, they can be converted into conducting materials, by adding small quantities of doped elements. The most famous one is the Quantum theory, which states that light travels in the form of small packets of particles called quanta, and each quantum shows dual personality, i.e., it can behave as a wave as well as a particle. The heat generated from these springs is also used for cooking, fish breeding, domestic heating, public baths in cold countries, etc. More importantly, we are on the verge of climate change and fossil fuel exhaustion, which means we are left with no option but to find an alternative energy source as soon as possible. The sectors which qualify for incentives are mainly construction, commercial and residential. The heating process is very much parallel to the working of the solar cell.

PHOTOPROVIDED Most Popular Stories KCP&L recently announced the opening of its first solar power facility in Greenwood. The more than 12-acre facility is located at KCP&Ls Greenwood Energy Center, a natural-gas power plant thats used at peak demand times. The facility houses 11,500 ground-mounted solar panels, which is almost 100-times larger than the KCP&L solar array at Kauffman Stadium. Additionally, the solar panels will produce 4,700 megawatt-hours of energy each year, enough to power nearly 440 homes. Solar technology is constantly getting better and more efficient, Chuck Caisley, KCP&Ls vice president for marketing and public affairs, said in a statement. That translates into a more cost-effective renewable energy for our customers. We are investing in solar because of its relatively quick construction and our commitment to a sustainable future. KCP&L partnered with Sungevity to construct the project. Sungevity is very proud to partner with KCP&L on its first utility-scale solar project here in Greenwood, Dave Dunlap, Sungevitys chief development officer, said. We believe strongly that utilities will play a major role in solar energys future adoption, and applaud KCP&Ls forward thinking approach for this site. Earlier this year, KCP&L announced an additional 500 MW of wind power and new energy efficiency programs for its Missouri customers. Missouri has renewable portfolio standards that require utilities operating in those states to generate a specified percentage of its energy from renewable sources like solar. These projects put KCP&L well ahead of RPS compliance dates and percentages in Missouri. KCP&L believes in renewable energy and for the last decade weve added a significant amount of carbon free energy to our generation portfolio, including more renewable energy. Currently, more than forty percent of our retail customer demand is met through emission-free energy, Caisley said. We believe that solar is a critical part of our energy future. For more information about KCP&Ls sustainability strategy visit

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It’s a different thing altogether that till now, not many of us have paid any amount of serious attention to the possibility of converting all that unlimited heat and radiance into electricity, for everyday use, to ladder regular applications and appliances. Very few solar refrigerators are in operation today and many companies and entrepreneurs have seen the potential in the development and usage of this product at a domestic level which is sure to lead towards a regular commercial production. This type of energy can also exist in combination with other fundamental energies, which are stated below: As the name suggests, it is present in the form of electromagnetic waves that vary in frequency and amplitude. However, in spite of both, wind and hydro energy regularly being used all over the world in quite a few application areas, it is in fact solar energy that is being targeted as having the highest potential among all three. One of the biggest hazards in this scenario is the risk that the solar energy equipment has not been manufactured properly. The process applied here is known as nuclear fission. Before installing a heater, a proper analysis with regards to the cost and the payback period should be done in order to offset this expense feasibly over a period. This product is obtained after the processing of wood pulp. Therefore, investing in a solar water heater is a sensible approach for a better future. Combustion of wood, like in the case of coal engines and steam engines, is used as a fuel. However, experts see it as a promising source of alternative energy of the future. And light comes from the Sun, whose reach is everywhere and requires nothing to be produced. The major advantage of renewable energy sources is that they give out clean energy do not contribute to pollution and are replenished by nature. A major drawback of wind energy is the initial cost of installing a turbine about BSD 10,000 or more.

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