When I moved into my new home, I knew that I was going to get orange county blinds because I was just not happy with the blinds that were on the windows. I have always had blinds at my other places, but this time was different because I was now a homeowner rather than just someone renting a house or apartment. If I had made the investment before, I would have been paying for something that I would not be able to keep, since I would have had to leave them behind.

Now that I am a homeowner though, I knew that it was finally time to get the window coverings that I have always wanted. I already knew that I wanted to deal only with Orange County Shutters. I had looked at a few other stores that specialize in shutters, but there was one thing or another wrong with all of them when I compared them to OC Shutters. Sometimes their prices were lower, but then I would see that the quality was just not up to par. Other times, I would see their prices were a lot higher, and still their quality was not on par with the shutters from the store I chose.

I knew that it would take a bit of time to get the shutters because they are custom made right there at the store, but I actually liked this aspect of it. They are using the best wood, and they are taking their time making sure that everything is up to their own excellent standards. Someone came out and measured my windows, and also installed temporary shutters until the permanent ones were ready. It did not take too long, considering I had been waiting for years for this to finally be my reality. Now that it is, these shutters were well worth the wait.