I have bought myself a small home and now I am trying to figure out how best to avoid having to devote a big percentage of my free time to it’s upkeep. Of course the lawn is not that big of a deal. There are flower beds and trees, which together take up a substantial part of the tiny yard. It would take only a few minutes to mow what grass there is, I am thinking I can get an electric mower so I do not need to bother with gas. I am thinking more about vinyl gutter protection and vinyl siding on the eaves and the other wood on the house. The house has a brick facade on it and so there is not that much wood to be covered by the vinyl. However I really hate to paint and this is absolutely the worst sort of painting in my opinion.

Of course it is all trim work, around the window frames and up in the eaves under the gutters.The thing that I hate is the part where you climb an extension ladder with a paint brush and a can of paint, then you paint everything you can safely reach in a few minutes and then you have to climb down and do it again in the next spot. In truth I never feel quite safe on a ladder, obviously there is a reason those things have half a dozen stickers on them. Most of them basically tell you not to be stupid while you are on one, but obviously you can do all sorts of things that end up with you in the emergency room or the urgent care center. I would like to figure out how to fix it so I hardly ever have to worry about that part of the house.