I think you could make an argument that at some time those rules need to be reviewed again. According to Wheeless, it is cheaper for energy companies to purchase solar energy from wholesale providers than homeowners, so net metering is more beneficial to homeowners than it is to Duke Energy. In a way, the company would look at that and say were paying more than we could be for our power, but thats the way the regulations are right now, Wheeless said. Around 2,000 of Dukes 3.2 million North Carolina customers participate in net metering, and only five percent of the solar energy purchased by Duke comes from net metering, Wheeless said. Since solar energy is only a fraction of the energy provided by Duke, Wheeless said net metering is still just a small piece of the companys puzzle right now. Homeowner receives return on investment Betsy McCorkle, director of government affairs at the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, said the idea of net metering is growing more popular because of the benefits it provides homeowners. It helps ease the burden of that upfront investment for the property owner because they are able to recoup their money, she said.
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How Archimedes used solar power to destroy enemy ships – Yahoo Finance

Solar energy is definitely taking off and now researchers may have come up with the absolute best way to generate cheap solar power by installing solar panels in public parking lots. [pmc-related-link href= https://bgr.com/2014/07/09/solar-vs-coal-power/ ; type=RELATED: target=_blank]Rooftop solar power is making coal obsolete in Australia[/pmc-related-link] The Washington Post reports that solar power proponents are increasingly turning their eyes toward Americas parking lots as the perfect locations for mass solar panel installations. The reasons for this are easy to understand: Parking lots taking up huge chunks of our landscape and absorb a ton of heat in hot weather. Why not put them to good use by installing solar panels over them?
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Researchers may have found the most ingenious way yet to generate solar power – Yahoo News

Industrial revolution andbeyond The industrial revolution in the eighteenthand nineteenthcenturies saw new applications of solar energy, including the invention of the solar cooker and solar water heating. It was during this period thatthe firstequipment used to produce power from solar energy was developed. The twentieth century saw huge traction in solar energy research.
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