Last week there was a pretty bad thunderstorm, and a large tree in my neighbor’s front yard snapped in half in the trunk and fell on his roof. It did quite a bit of damage, and I spent an entire day helping him clean up the mess. The incident served as a warning call to me though and I now want to look for tree removal Lilburn GA companies as I would really like to get some of the trees in my yard removed, especially the ones that are near the house, and which could do serious damage to the house if they were to fall.

Some of these trees are really old and they could fall if there were a bad storm, or maybe one day they would just fall on their own. I don’t think any of them are rottne, but it is hard to tell with trees that are both very old and very tall. I am not sure the exact number of trees that I should have cut down in order to safeguard my house from this sort of potential hazard. However, I would say that it is at least a dozen.

That is kind of unfortunate from the perspective that I know it is going to cost me a lot of money to get that many trees cut down. Maybe I can find a tree removal company in the area that has some sort of discount or special promotion going on. Any way to save a bit of money on this job would be more than welcome. I would like to get work started on this project sometime this week, because looking at the 10 day forecast, there is supposed to be some nasty weather next week and the threat of severe thunderstorms. So it is best to go ahead and try to get this taken care of.