In fact I have been living very frugally for the past month and a half. I ran out of the money that I had saved up for college and I was way too busy for a part time job. The plan is really simple right now, I am going to work as much as I can and save as much as I can. My aunt has a spare room and I found a job with a Toronto landscaping company that I do during the day time. At night I am working at a really nice Italian restaurant, which actually has turned out to be a lot better than I expected. At first I was washing dishes, which is just as bad as you would think that it would be. The only good thing was that the chef did not ever yell at me the way that he yells at everyone that works in the kitchen with him. It is a bad atmosphere in there honestly, no one is all that happy.

However one of the waiters melted down and punch the chef one day. Obviously he got fired and they needed another waiter. I took the job really quickly, because waiters get tips. It turns out that you get a lot of nice tips at this place. Most of the patrons will tip you around ten or fifteen percent of the bill, and the bill for a meal at this place is not like hitting the drive through at Mickey D’s. It was a huge thing for me. I was tempted after the first night to quit the landscaping job, but of course I do not know that I will not be the next guy to punch out the chef. It is not something which has not crossed my mind once or twice.