We have been having dry spells followed by torrential rains. Areas within 20 kilometers or so seem to be having normal rainfall amounts. We are in a valley between to high hills. We get passed over by some bad weather and other stuff hits us hard. It can be storming just over the hill and we might not have a drop of rain. Then it can be just regular rain over the hill and we get a thunderstorm that rocks the valley. The last storm caused us to need guttering repairs. It was thundering and lightning, and the wind was roaring down through the valley. Tree branches were falling and the rain was coming down harder than I ever remember it.

The downspout was clogged with leaves on one side of the house. I could hear an odd sound of water spilling or pouring even above the noise of the storm. I went outside in the middle of it to look. I was soaked from head to toe in seconds. I looked at the gutter on the side of the house I heard the noise coming from. It was overflowing in the middle, and it was starting to bend. I watched it right before my eyes begin to pull away from the house. A bunch of water came out like a dam breaking, and the gutter broke at a seam and was just hanging there. I could see sheets of water cascading down over the roof.

The contractor that came out to do the guttering repairs was amazed our gutters lasted as long as they did. We have a single-story home that has one very large roof surface area. It is at a pitch that really lets the water move fast. When it hits the gutter, there needs to be strength there to take it. Plus, the size of the gutter was wrong for the surface area of the roof. We needed one that would handle more liters of water per minute than the thin troughs we had up there. We got new steel gutters in a matching color to our siding, and the problems we had with overflows and leaks vanished. The leaf guard system now prevents the downspouts from getting clogged too.