I was tasked to look for a construction firm to do some renovations on our home and property. We wanted a new kitchen and a new bridge built over the stream that runs on our property. It would just need to support the weight of two horses and riders, and that can be over 3,000 pounds. I found a website where the construction company actually helps by giving back to the community that supports them. I saw that Quay Farris of QNR Quality Construction helps people with disabilities get their homes ADA compliant. I had to check the company out further.

It is one thing to renovate a kitchen and something different to build a structural project as involved as a bridge. It has to hold up to the weather, high water and be as safe as a bridge you would be okay driving your family on in your car. Ours did not have to support the weight of a car, but 3,000 pounds is more than the weight of many automobiles. Horses can go 1,500 pounds. A bridge big enough for two to cross at the same time has to support 3,000 pounds at a minimum. I needed a construction outfit that could build something like that. Firms that can build elevated decks and balconies to code can handle a bridge project like we needed for our property.

It was just a replacement for the old one that was there when we acquired the property. The new one would be built using some concrete and treated wood to withstand the elements. On the QNR website there is a picture that shows a long walkway built in a wooded area. That is basically what we needed, but for it to travel over the stream instead. Since Quay Farris helps others, I figured we would give the company our business.