I run a fairly large office in a complex that is comprised of quite a few companies. When I say fairly large, we actually account for nearly one third of the space here. That is why when I was not happy with the company that does our office cleaning in Calgary, I complained to management. As part of my lease, there was a cleaning fee attached to it every month. I did not want to pay it anymore since I was getting substandard service. I told the management company that controls the building that I either wanted to be released from that fee or I wanted a new cleaning company brought in.

They knew that they had to satisfy my complaints since we do take up such a large portion of the building, but it should not matter if we only took up one percent of it either. I showed them examples of streaks on the window, toilet paper not being replenished in some of the bathrooms, and dirty carpeting in both the hallways and the offices too. I was no so much concerned about the money as I was the impression we were giving our clients.

I then shared the website for Kleenway Janitorial Services. Whether I paid for it or they did, this was the company that I wanted to start using. They have a top notch reputation, and they also have a much wider range of cleaning services that they will provide. They even do blind cleaning, painting, plumbing and more in addition to the basic cleaning. The management member I talked with was disheartened by the evidence I showed her from the other cleaning company but impressed with Kleenway, and that is the company that takes care of the entire complex now. They do so well that the management team even has them for the janitorial service in their own building too!