We want to align our business with a world leader in energy management technologies that doesnt compromise on quality, reliability and safety, said Mathias Darbellay, Sales Manager at Swiss Solar Technics SA. Enphase systems flexible design and installation and superior energy production provide our customers with reliable performance alongside a solid 20 year warranty that delivers a lower cost of ownership than other competing solutions, he added. We believe our customers will be highly satisfied with the financial as well as environmental benefits that Enphase systems provide. Recently, Enphase was named to Greentech Medias Grid Edge 20 as one of the 20 most innovative firms working to design the electric power industrys future. In order to identify the Grid Edge 20, Greentech Media gauged firms ongoing interactions with power utilities as well as energy stakeholders and other thought leaders. To date, Enphase has shipped over 8 million microinvertersrepresenting over 2 GW (DC)into eleven countries worldwide. About Enphase Energy, Inc. Enphase Energy delivers microinverter technology for the solar industry that increases energy production, simplifies design and installation, improves system uptime and reliability, reduces fire safety risk, and provides a platform for intelligent energy management.
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Solar firm Hanergy suspends trading after stocks plunge – Yahoo News

The share price tumbled from HK$7.35 ($0.95) to HK$3.91 before the suspension at 10:40 am (0240 GMT). HTF stock had soared more than sixfold in the past year, according to Bloomberg News, making it the world’s largest solar power company by market value, but prompting questions over its valuation and revenue sources. “Even (after) dropping by 40 percent, the share price is still too high,” said Hong Kong-based analyst Castor Pang, head of research at Core Pacific-Yamaichi International. “They are a manufacturing company, it’s not a high-tech stock. The price is much higher than an average industrial stock.” Pang said it was difficult to read why the shares had been suspended, but the price adjustment had been “pending for a long time”. A report by the London-based Financial Times in January said the Hanergy Group made its fortune largely through unconventional sales between HTF, its listed subsidiary, and itself. Hanergy founder and chairman, Chinese tycoon Li Hejun, did not attend HTF’s annual meeting in Hong Kong Wednesday. Li was named as China’s richest man in February in a wealth survey, replacing e-commerce giant Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma. He saw his wealth nearly triple compared to a year before, according to the Hurun Report’s Global Rich List 2015 which valued his fortune at $26 billion.
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Solar Energy DIY: Sunuso Aims To Transform The Way To Go Green – Yahoo Finance

Sunuso then helps homeowners connect with qualified solar installers (equipped with Yelp reviews) in their area making the switch to solar energy convenient, quick, and easy. And Cheap. The average savings for each installed kit is approximately $4,000 compared to traditional solar companies.This eliminates the often tedious process of purchasing solar where salesmen insist on visiting homes and spending hours “selling” homeowners a system. But the real value is the elimination of the costs associated with this antiquated and quite frankly outmoded business model.Mark-ups in the form of obscure hidden fees, margins, and commissions that would have otherwise been tacked on to a system cost are now savings that are passed on to the consumer. “The process of purchasing solar can be confusing, cumbersome and expensive. Often homeowners have to search multiple solar companies to get bids and the prices are usually all over the place. Yielding subjective recommendations and navigating bids often deflates the consumers’ good intention of going green,” said Jennifer Golds a representative of Sunuso.
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